The Story Behind Unrefined Cakery

I am Shayna; caker extraordinaire, BSc qualified, wife to the wonderful Steven, and founder of Unrefined Cakery!

Unrefined Cakery developed from my philosophy that everyone, no matter of dietary preferences and requirements, should be able to enjoy cake and other baked goods. I have been a baker and cake decorator for over ten years, and throughout that time found myself increasingly drawn to those that had allergies or dietary preferences that would oftentimes prevent them from enjoying one of life's greatest gifts - cake! Bound by my philosophy, I worked hard to create yummy and stunning cakes that fit my clients' dietary needs. I remember thinking that diet-friendly baking needed to be easier and healthier, so, encouraged by my husband, over the next few months I spent hours in the kitchen experimenting with different ingredients (baking is a science!) until I was happy with the outcome - both health-wise and taste-wise. 

I have avoided refined ingredients, specifically refined sugar, myself for a number of years now and know the positive difference that being conscious of what you eat can make - but it doesn't have to be difficult! Therefore I am dedicated to providing easy to make and delectable baking mixes that have the added benefit of being healthier for you than standard baking mixes. No highly refined ingredients! All of Unrefined Cakery’s baking mixes contain functional foods; foods that have a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition. For example, hemp, one of the functional ingredients in the Spiced Hemp cake mix, may protect against neurological conditions and boost heart health, amongst other health benefits (see more here). ​

My belief is that we have a responsibility to look after this earth that we have been given to live on. To that end, I have chosen to use compostable packaging for Unrefined Cakery's products. Whilst it is not perfect, it is better than clogging up our environment with plastics, and the industry shows huge potential to grow and better support nationwide systems for compostable materials. 

All of Unrefined Cakery’s baking mixes are refined sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, nut free, and vegan - allowing New Zealander’s with a wide range of dietary requirements to enjoy these scrumptious baked goods.​

Enjoy, and eat cake!