Our Values

As individuals both my husband and I have several values that we live by, and these are values that we are integrating into this business. 

The first is integrity - operating with honesty and incorruptibility is important. The second value is empathy. Unrefined Cakery was founded on the belief that everyone should have equal opportunities to enjoy foods regardless of dietary requirements, and a big part of that is having empathy and respect for those with differing diets.

Furthermore, a business is not just about making money (although having income is an important aspect, obviously) - it's also about using the platform and the potential reach to make a difference where you can. Therefore, Unrefined Cakery is committed to playing a part in making a difference on two specific issues as outlined below. 

Treatment of Animals

Animal cruelty has been an issue that has been on my (Shayna) heart since I was a very young child, and something that I have taken an active approach in since I was a teenager. I strongly feel that animals, as sentient beings, have the right to be treated with kindness and compassion, and not to be exploited. Unrefined Cakery commits to supporting organizations and charities that specifically focus on rescuing animals, and to be involved in spreading awareness of animal cruelty in New Zealand, in order to produce action. Unrefined Cakery will never pass by an animal in need, and will never miss an opportunity where we are capable of saving an animal from harm's way. This is our promise to you, and most importantly our promise to the beautiful animals of New Zealand. 


Looking after our earth is important, and is something that we believe every human should do. We have a responsibility as guardians and inhabitants of earth to care for what has been given to us. This means reducing waste that will inevitably end up in landfill and oceans, and finding ways in which to create a 'circular' system of recycling, reusing or composting. This way materials used can be reused or returned to the land from which they came. Our packaging is compostable, meaning it will break down in a compost bin (or buried in the garden!) and won't clog up landfills. Please be careful to compost the pouches, or better yet reuse them for other purposes! The pouches have a resealable zip and can be used as storage bags. If you are unable to compost or reuse the pouches, please return them to Unrefined Cakery (address here) to do so. Unrefined Cakery commits to continue looking at ways in which to improve their usage of materials, and to encourage and provide information on how others can too.

These are just some of our values, but they are ones that we are passionate about and will actively be involved in. If you have any suggestions, feedback, or further information for us regarding the above, please don't hesitate to contact info@unrefinedcakery.co.nz. Thank you!