Unrefined Cakery baking mixes

Just add water and oil, and pop in the oven!

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Seriously impressed by these products - they’re simple and delicious. I was surprised I only had to add water and coconut oil, and the results were SO delicious 😋 Also tried a couple of recipes from the website using these mixes as a base which were super successful too. Would highly recommend.


I've had so many disasters trying to bake something tasty for my allergy prone children so these mixes are a life saver for me! So easy to mix up and taste amazing!




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To the health-conscious and educated consumer who is concerned about living better, Unrefined Cakery’s baking mixes are the products that let you whip up a healthy treat in no time, making you feel you’ve made a good, responsible choice that demonstrates your dedication to healthy living and taking care of the environment. Deliciously better for you! 

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